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Dear Guests,

Goa Cottages in Agonda has replaced well-known and famous Agonda White Sand beach resort on arguably the most beautiful beachfront property in Agonda Beach in November 2019!

Goa Cottages Agonda is situated in the quieter and more serene northern part of Agonda Beach.

Indo-German couple Anastasia and Ingo had founded the Agonda White Sand beach resort in 2005 and were the originators of the incredibly well-wrought garden landscaping and cottage set up, that had been essentiell in constituting Agonda White Sands fame .

After an extended sabbattical, dedicated to parenting and other projects, they decided to take back control of their property and to reinstall the magic of the early days and thus the lease contract with the White Sand licensees of the past years wasn’t renewed.

As the original name Agonda White Sand had been clandestinely trademarked in the meantime, a new name had to be chosen, and so the resort was renamed:

Goa Cottages Agonda

Goa Cottages in Agonda has 12 cottages on offer -uniquely arranged in a semi-circular pattern- two of which are on the immediate beachfront, while all the others have an amazing garden- and at least partial sea view combination - providing a feeling of vastness while retaining the coziness and privacy known to and valued by the loyal past guests of Agonda White Sand.

In our relaxed and tranquil Goa Cottages restaurant & bar, which is second to none in terms of ambience, with its tables placed in the shade of our beautiful, youngish beachfront coconut trees and amongst other lush vegetation, excellent and authentic Indian cuisine as well as European food and beverages are on offer and all of our staff members are dedicated to make your stay an extremely pleasant and memorable one.

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