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sunset over beach in agonda


How far is the beach from the resort?

The front of the resort borders the beach and all of our cottages have at least partial sea view!

Can I have a cottage with sea view? / Are your cottages sea-facing?

Two out of our beach bungalows at Goa Cottages are directly sea-facing and even the other 10 feature an amazing garden view as well as at least a partial sea-view, as they are arranged semi-circular.

Is any restaurant available on site?

Yes, located on the same property lies "Kamaya Restaurant"

Serving delicious multicuisine food from 8 am to 10 pm.

Do you have High-speed internet?

We have three different internet supplier’s broadband connections in the resort. The speed, however, will depend on what other guests are downloading or using the internet for. It is certainly sufficient for general browsing and emails etc.
We do our best to keep the internet on all the time, but because Agonda is a village, there are intermittent outages caused by falling trees, coconut palms and monkeys etc. If it stops working, we will get an engineer out as soon as possible.

Is breakfast included in the price or tariff?

No, breakfast is not included and we do not offer any meal packages, as we want you to be free to explore the various food options in our excellent restaurant and around and to make your own choices.

Do you have parking space?

We have only limited parking space, as we use most of our space for our cottages and the garden, and most guests arrive by taxi anyway. There is, however, usually a space in the village and we have not had any security/damage issues with regards to a car or its contents safety.

Rates, reservations, T&C’s

Can I reserve an exact or specific cottage?

If you reserve a beachfront or garden cottage, that is what you will get. But we cannot promise a specific cottage, because we use a property management system which can automatically move reservations to another cottage to create availability for other guests and we can only insist on a type of cottage.
We are sorry about this limitation and thank you for your understanding.
If you reserve two or more cottages, we will do our best to keep them next to each other, but we cannot promise.


Can you help me with the booking as I am unable to book online?

Yes, I can, please email me at (, with your check-in & out dates and the number of guests etc and I will provide you with the rates and information and make the reservation for you.


I just made payment for the booking, I am awaiting confirmation.

Thank you for making a payment. We check our bank accounts every day and will get back to you soon with a confirmation. It would really help if you email us and let us know that you have paid and how much. Thank you (


What are your cancellation policies?

We request a non-refundable deposit of 50%. The reason we ask for a deposit is so that we then know for sure that people fully intend to come.

The deposit is non-refundable because by reserving the room for you we may have to turn away other potential guests.
At the manager’s discretion, it may be possible to hold your deposit as part payment against another stay (future room rates would apply).

When making a reservation ( you will be shown a detailed and more comprehensive list of our Terms & Conditions.


Have you got availability, we are a large group?

I am sorry but we do not have large groups stay at our resort.

We consider a large group to be above 3 cottages. Please do feel welcome to contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

The main reason is that it can change the feel of our resort for our other guests. Also, a block reservation would likely leave us with gaps either side as we would be unable to take any other reservation that may overlap.

I really appreciate that you have contacted us and I wish you a great stay in Agonda.


What are your terms & conditions?

You will find our Terms & Conditions, along with photographs, facility details and more on



Payments, ATM's


Where is the nearest Bank?

There is an ATM and bank in Agonda Beach and another in Agonda Village. There are many banks and ATM’s in Chaudi (10 Km away). Most ATM’s accept any Master or Visa cards etc.

We can also help organise for you to get cash on credit cards etc.

Where can we get cash?

There is an ATM and bank in Agonda and another in Agonda Village. There are many banks and ATM’s in Chaudi (10 Km away). Most ATM’s accept any Master or Visa cards etc.

We can also help organise for you to get cash on credit cards etc.


How much cash can we draw in one day?

It depends on your bank. Most people can withdraw Rs.20,000 per day in two transactions of Rs.10,000.


Can we pay by credit card or visa?

Once you are with us, you can pay via credit cards. A small charge of around 2% may be applied to cover costs. Please check with our reception.

Less Frequent Questions

Do you have disabled access?

The resort is located between the road and the beach and is built on the sand. Although the sand is flat, it would not be easy for some people to move across. Our nearest cottage to the road is about 30 metres away and the furthest around 70 metres away. We would be happy to offer any assistance that we can and that you request.

Each of our cottages is on a risen platform with at least 4 stairs to be walked up.


Can I leave my luggage?

Yes, however, due to space restrictions, this will only be accepted short term. Please ask our manager at the resort and they will assist you.


Do you have a swimming pool?

We do not have a swimming pool at Goa Cottages, but the sea is only a few steps away.


Do you offer Yoga classes

We do not offer yoga classes, but there are many yoga schools nearby in Agonda and there are always posters around offering drop-in classes.

We are sorry that we cannot recommend a yoga school or class, as we have no experience of them, we would recommend taking a look at the “Things To Do” section on Tripadvisor to find out more, or simply have a walk around when you are with us.


Are massages or other treatments available?

There are massage and other treatments available nearby, please ask at our reception when you are with us.


Do you allow pets?

Although we love animals, we have to say no because other guests might feel disturbed and there are local beach dogs that are territorial and will attack dogs from outside. I am sorry but we have to say no to pets.


Is there a shower near the beach?

Yes, there is a shower in our resort next to the beach to wash off the sand.

Are there sun beds / sun loungers outside the cottages?

Yes, there are sun loungers for our guests to use. They are located on the beachfront of our resort.

Placing sun loungers on the beach itself has been prohibited as Agonda is a designated turtle nesting site.


Do you offer to childmind?

We do not offer a child-minding/babysitting service, but we can reserve a restaurant table near to your cottage or can serve food on your spacious veranda.


Do you have a laundry service?

Yes, we offer a laundry service. Please ask at reception and we will provide you with a laundry bag and a price list. We can usually return your clothes by the following day.


Cottage Facilities

Do you provide towels?

Yes, we do provide bathroom and separate beach towels for you to use. They will be in your cottage and you can ask for clean towels at any time.


Is there an en-suite bathroom?

Each cottage has its own en-suite bathroom with a toilet for your private use. We also have communal toilets next to our restaurant.


What size are the cottages?

Each cottage is the same size (~30sqm / 3,70m x 8,10m). The cottage bedroom is large enough for a large double bed and we can fit in up to two single beds as well if required (charges apply). There is also a spacious veranda with sea view as well as an attached bathroom


What electric plug sockets do you have?

We do have electric sockets in the cottages for you to use.

India uses 230 Volts, 50 Hz alternating current as the power source. Plugs and sockets have either earthed 3 Pin connections or ungrounded 2 pin connections. The two pin plug is also called the Europlug.

We will provide you with adapters if you need them.


Is there an iron in the cottage?

We have an iron in the resort; please just ask at reception when you want it.


Do you have wifi in the cottages?

We do have free WiFi for our guests to use. The WiFi units are centrally located in the resort and the signal should be strong enough to reach the inside of your cottage or any location within the grounds of the resort. However, there may be times when the general power supply is interrupted or low because of a surge in use at peak times, or goes off in the area, then there may be a delay in resuming wi-fi.


Can guests smoke in the cottage?

Guests are not allowed to smoke in the cottage, but you are welcome to smoke on your cottage terrace where there are seating and a table. You can also smoke in our restaurant as it is open-air. All we ask is that you consider others and leave appropriate space if necessary.


Is there a fan in the cottage?

Yes, each cottage has one ceiling fan each on the veranda as well as inside.


Is there Air-con in the cottage?

All of our cottages are equipped with air-con as well as with ceiling fans.


Is there a desk?

Yes, there is a desk and chairs in each cottage. There are also chairs and a table on your terrace.


Is there a Mosquito net?

Yes, there is a mosquito net in each cottage. We tie it up to create space, but it is there for you to use if you wish, or feel the need.


Is there a kettle in the cottage or can we bring our own kettle?

We do not have a kettle in the cottage and you won’t be able to use your own also, as the sockets don’t support high electric loads (as this couldn’t be supported by our battery/inverter backup system, which bridges the frequent short term power outages).

The staff in our restaurant will be happy to boil some water for you, however, if you require.


Is there a fridge in the cottage?

We do not have a fridge in the cottage, but if you have your own specific food or medicine, we are happy to store it for you in a fridge in our restaurant.


Can we bring food to the cottage?

We do not allow food inside the cottages, as this might attract unwanted pests and could stain our bedding (but you are welcome to bring fruit, biscuits etc. for immediate consumption on your veranda)


Is there a safe in the room for valuables?

Yes, there is a safe in each cottage. It is large enough to store passports etc. and will fit some small tablets etc. If you have something larger that you would like to be stored, please ask at our reception. We have never had a theft issue and we have a security guard and manager on site at all times to ensure safety and security. However, we do not accept responsibility for any items that may be lost or stolen.


How high are the cottages and how many steps are there up to the cottage?

The floor of each cottage is ~80 to 130cm above ground level and there are between 4 to 7 steps into the cottage.


Where is the resort located on the beach?,+73.9849940


Can we have directions to the resort?,+73.9849940
Once you reach the Agonda beach road you turn right at the “T” junction (near the church).
Travel down the road (it runs parallel to the beach) and after 900m on the left you will see a sign for Goa Cottages. You will pass “Sim Rose”, Mariposa, “Forget me not” beach resort just before you reach us.



Check-in & Check-out



What is your check-in time / Can I check-in early?

Our check-in time is from 12noon. If you arrive early and your cottage is available and has been cleaned, you will be very welcome to check in early.

If you want to ensure a check-in before 12 midday you will need to reserve the cottage from the day before.


What time is check out?

You must check-out by 10 am as we need at least 2 hours to get the cottage clean for the next guests that may check-in at 12 (midday).


Can I check-out late?

Check-out is 10 am. We would be happy for you to check-out late if your cottage is available and not reserved by another guest. Please ask at our reception and if we do not need the cottage, you will be very welcome to check-out later at no extra charge.


Can I check-in at night (early hours)?

You can check-in at any time of the day or night. Please give us an approximate time that you may arrive. We always have a manager at the resort or nearby and we have a night security guard who will show you  your cottage.


Agonda & Surrounding Area


Where is the nearest town?

Agonda is a village, with many small shops selling essentials and treats. 10km away from Agonda is the town of Chaudi where there are many larger shops and most items can be purchased there.


Is it safe to swim in the sea?

Many people swim in the sea. Some days the current is stronger than others. Also, the sea tends to be calmer in the morning and early evening. There are lifeguards stationed along the beach for your safety.

We recommend using the same awareness and caution that you would on any beach, such as testing the water and not swimming out of your depth and certainly not leaving children or weak swimmers unaccompanied.


Are there restaurants nearby?

We have a restaurant in our resort. But there are also many restaurants along Agonda Beach and in Agonda village to choose from, with a wide range of cuisine to cater to different palates and also to different food requirements.


Are there any vegetarian or vegan restaurants nearby?

Yes, there are a few vegetarian & vegan restaurants and also health-focused cuisine cafes, especially as there are several Yoga schools in the area. I would recommend taking a look at the restaurant section of Tripadvisor to filter through the options.

We have vegetarian and vegan options on our menu and where possible we are happy to adapt a dish to meet your wants.


Is there a Doctor nearby?

Yes, there are a few within 10km that speak both Hindi and perfect English, more info available at reception


Is there a Chemist or Pharmacy nearby?

Yes, the closest pharmacy is in Tin Rasta (3 roads) and there are many others in Chaudi within 10km of Agonda.


Is there a hospital nearby?

There are a few hospitals in the nearby town of Margao (35km away). For example, the Victor Hospital ( which is a large hospital with inpatient and 24 hour Accident & Emergency ward.


Is there a dentist nearby?

Yes, in Agonda there is the “Agonda Dental Clinic and in nearby Palolem (10km away), there is “Palolem Dental Clinic” (Dr Rosamund). Please Google them and others for specific details.


Where is Agonda?

Agonda is a large village located in Canacona in South Goa district, India. Agonda is famous for its beach and It is one of the only four beaches designated as turtle nesting sites.


Where are the nearest shops?

In Agonda there are many small shops selling general provisions and handicrafts and fashion shops and liquor stores. Most are on the 2 km long road that runs parallel to and behind the beach.

There are also many more shops on nearby beaches (Patnem & Palolem) and larger shops in Chaudi (10km away) and Margao (35km away).


Agonda White Sand

Has Agonda White Sand been renamed?

The White Sand resort in Agonda Beach had been founded in 2004 by Indo-German couple Anastasia and Ingo, who are also the owners of the beautiful beachfront property, where it was located on. They ran it themselves until 2009 and then, to have time for parenting and other projects, let it out on lease until 2019, when they claimed their property and business back, but had to rename it due to a trademarking issue.

Agonda White Sand thus will be renamed to Goa Cottages (, from 2019/2020 season onward.


Has Agonda White Sand been shifted?

The name Agonda White Sand had been clandestinely trademarked by its licensees during their ten year lease term and they were planning to open another resort called White Sand somewhere else, but thus far have failed to find a plot which could live up to Agonda White Sand’s excellent name.


Has Agonda White Sand been closed?

Agonda White Sand has been renamed Goa Cottages (, which is located on the same beautiful beachfront property and operated by the original founders and landowners of White Sand in Agonda Beach.




Extra Beds & Extra People


Do you charge for children?

We consider children above the age of 12 to be adults .We can fit up to two extra single beds in the cottage and charge for these as per our bookings page (



How many people can we have in a cottage?

We allow up to two adults and their children in a cottage.

We consider children above the age of 12 to be adults. We realise that some children would be fine to have their own cottage and others will need to be with their parents, so please contact us ( and tell us a little about your family and we will help to find a solution.


Do you have a single person supplement?

We charge per cottage, based on up to 2 people staying. Basically, you will pay the same if 1 or 2 people stay.


Do you have a cottage / place / room for two people?

Each cottage is designed for up to two people. We charge per cottage, based on up to 2 people staying. Basically, you will pay the same if 1 or 2 people stay.

We do allow children to join their parents, but we do not allow a third adult.


How many adults are allowed in a cottage?

We allow up to two adults and their children in a cottage.


What beds are in the cottage?

Each cottage has a large double bed inside. If you prefer and request we can put two single beds in the cottage. If you have kids, we can add up to two extra single beds to your bedroom. Please note that we do charge for these extra beds as per our bookings page (



Where is the nearest train station?

The nearest train station (10km away) is Canacona train station (also known as Kankon or Chaudi) you should be able to get an auto rickshaw from out the front of the station.

Margao train station is the nearest main train station (35km away) and has a pre-paid taxi office out the front and the rates are set and fair.

We do not send taxis to collect guests from the train station because trains can often be late or early by a couple of hours.


Can i book a taxi from the airport?

Yes, once you have made your reservation, we will send you a taxi price list and we can reserve a taxi for you. If you have already made a reservation and would like to reserve a taxi, please let us know.


Can i book a taxi through you?

Yes, once you have made your reservation, we will send you a taxi price list and we can reserve a taxi for you from the airport to us. If you have already made a reservation and would like to reserve a taxi, please let us know.


How far is the airport?

Dabolim Airport (GOI) is 57 km (~1 hr 30 min drive) away from Agonda.

Mopa Airport (GOX) is 97 km (~2 hr 30 min drive) away from Agonda.


How long does it take to get from the airport to your resort?

It takes approximately 1 hour 30 mins to get from the closest Airport to Agonda. Although only 57 km away from Agonda. It takes a while because the road passes over the ghats (beautiful hills). You can also travel along the coast to us through small fishing villages, but this may take 20 – 30 minutes more and you will have to pay extra if you are in a taxi.


Extra Services

Can you organise a tour for us?

We do not organise tours, but there are local travel agents and car drivers that we can speak with and help you organise your trip. Please ask at reception and we will get you a price from the local travel agent.


Can we go fishing?

When you are with us, please ask at reception and we will get you a price from the local fishermen if you want to hire a boat.


Can you decorate/ put some flowers in the room?

Yes, we can provide flowers for your cottage if you give us some advance notice (there may be a charge), please email us at


Can we have dinner on the beach?

Placing tables on the beach has been banned in Agonda, due to turtle protection, but we can reserve a table in our wonderful restaurant near the beachfront for you to have a meal under the stars and coconut trees.
Please give us good advance notice of your requirements.
Please ask at reception when you are with us.



When does your season start and finish?

We are usually starting our season on 1th October and are going to close for the monsoon break by end of May. You can check availability and make a reservation on

If you cannot find the availability that you want, please email us at


Are you open during monsoon?

We are not open in the monsoon. We are normally closed from June till September.


Will I need Air-con?

All our cottages are fitted with Air-con.

At certain times of the year, it can get a little cold in the night. If a blanket is not in your cottage, please ask and we will provide.


Where can we buy mosquito repellent?

Mosquito repellent sprays can be purchased locally and are cheap and effective, we will provide you with electric insect repellents/coal coils under request.


Are there mosquitoes in Agonda or at the resort?

Yes, there are mosquitos in Agonda and everywhere for that matter. There tends to be more around sunrise and sunset time and with a little precaution such as long sleeves and trousers and maybe some repellent spray, you should avoid bites around these times.


Is there Malaria in Goa?

We have never known anybody to get Malaria in Goa, but it can’t be ruled out completely and you must follow your doctor’s advice and be prepared just in case. Mosquito repellent sprays can be purchased locally and are cheap and effective.


I have a food allergy?

We can cater for guests with food allergies upon request. We ask that you let us know in advance of your arrival and for safety reasons we also ask you to remind our waiting staff every time you order food or drink. We do have some products in the kitchen that I am aware that some people may be allergic to. But we will do our best to prepare your food with clean equipment for your guidelines.

Unfortunately, our staff only have general training in food allergy food preparation and we are unable in a hectic kitchen to offer guarantees, but we will do our best to deliver food to your requirements.


Can you call back / phone me?

I would prefer to communicate by email. That way there is less chance of any misunderstanding and I can clearly send you all the information you request and you can read it at your leisure and have a record of it.

Please feel welcome to ask any questions that you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you.

If you're not comfortable to get in touch with us through mail, you can send us a message on whatsapp or call us on the number provided here.


Please let me know the address of Goa Cottages for my visa application?

Please find below the details you can use for references and an address for your visa application:
Goa Cottages Agonda

Mr Ingo Voegler


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